Get Answers on Use and Benefits of Desiccants for Your Shipments

The 3 most common types of desiccants are Calcium Chloride, Silica Gel, and Clay.
The chart below outlines the differences:

Desiccant Description Features Absorption %
Calcium Chloride CaCl 2 as it’s main absorbing ingredient in granular form. Chemical absorption. Non-toxic and odorless. High moisture absorption ability. Up to 275%
Silica Gel SiSO 2 as it’s main absorbing ingredient. Transparent and semi-transparent spheres. Physical absorption with mild reaction. Chemically stable. Granules with dry surface and no significant change in appearance after use. Reusable after oven drying. 10%-30%
Clay Also called montmorillonite desiccant in powder or ball form. Additive free & non-toxic. 15%-30%

Nordic Dry manufactures high-quality & eco-friendly, Calcium Chloride desiccants.

Inside Nordic Dry desiccant bags, Calcium Chloride is mixed with our patented, eco-friendly binding agent. The Calcium Chloride in Nordic Dry desiccants actively absorbs water vapor from the atmosphere. When mixed with our binding agent, a gel forms to retain moisture and prevent it from re-evaporating back into the atmosphere.

Nordic Dry desiccant bags will absorb moisture for a minimum of 60 days.

Nordic Dry desiccants will have no impact on the moisture content of the cargo being shipped. Our desiccants remove moisture from the atmosphere to prevent condensation from forming, they will not remove moisture from your cargo.

All types of cargoes are susceptible to moisture damage. Even cardboard boxes with 0% moisture content can become weak and difficult to transport in a high humidity environment. Condensation can also form inside any shipment that is exposed to temperature variations.

The moisture inside your shipment can come from any number of places. The most common sources are pallets, packaging, wood container floors, and the cargo itself. It is important to note, when you ship your cargo, you are also shipping the atmosphere from the loading location. Shipments loaded on hot & humid or rainy days will always be more susceptible to moisture damage.

Weigh the bags at destination. Every 1 kg increase in weight from loading to destination means 1 L of water was absorbed.

No. Nordic Dry desiccants are not reusable. Once the desiccant bag is removed from it’s plastic wrapping, it becomes activated and will begin to absorb moisture.

Nordic Dry desiccants can be disposed of in normal waste. Our bags are 100% recyclable/biodegradable. Please contact us if you would like Instructions on how Nordic Dry desiccants can be recycled.