Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision
To be the leading company in the world, relentlessly pursuing innovation in
the area of safe transportation of containers by sea, thereby providing the
safest, easiest to use and most economical methods in moisture control.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission
To help customers and distributors grow their business by providing them with complete solutions in the transportation of their products.
To ensure complete control of moisture related problems by distributing products that are safe, environmentally neutral, cost effective and easily available worldwide.
To help customers, by providing them with efficient and on time service, by sharing our time tested experience and knowledge and by guiding them in moving goods safely and profitably around the world.


When you need safe and trusted solutions for your shipments, whether they be by sea, land or air, you can be sure using Nordic Dry Desiccants. We have over 30 years experience in shipping goods safely. Through extensive research, we have developed the most effective desiccant products in the market today.

We guarantee that our desiccant products represent the best way to insure that your cargo is protected from damage caused by humidity, which is found in every container shipped. Since we carry out R&D and rigorous Quality Control in our own plant, you can be sure that our products are totally effective, environmentally neutral and cost effective.

From our different offices and through our distributors, we can serve you and your needs wherever you may be located.


Includes senior researchers from leading Universities from across the globe. We constantly carry out tests by equipping containers with data loggers that record temperature and humidity during transport. These records are analyzed by our research team, enabling us to come up with the best solutions for every specific customer  requirement. Our research and development team is constantly working to improve our products. From tweaking our formula, to searching for the best binding agent, we make every effort to provide desiccants that are effective, innovative, safe, economical and user friendly. All this is done as part of our ongoing commitment to protect cargo in containers transported worldwide by land, sea and air.


We are constantly and relentlessly pursuing perfection throughout the company, and we are eager to serve you and your needs. Try us and you will notice the difference.