With over 30 years experience in elimination of humidity-related problems during transport, our testing helps you determine the proper selection and quantities from among our product line.


Our R&D team includes researchers from leading Universities across the globe. We constantly conduct tests, equipping containers with data loggers that record temperature and humidity during transport.


Working hand-in-hand with each individual client, we personally analyze each container and undertake the testing necessary for determining the optimal solution for their products being shipped. We can help you too.

Every year close to 150 million containers are shipped by sea. The cargo in 20 % of these are in danger of being damaged by humidity causing mold, corrosion, rust, caking, fungus and mildew in the products during shipments. This problem costs manufacturers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, trading companies, importers and customers, billions of dollars every year.

At Nordic Dry Desiccants, we want to partner with our customers to help eliminate humidity related problems during the shipment of your products.
No matter what your products are, agricultural, metal, electronics, furniture, resins, canned food, detergents or any other, we want to help you save money by ensuring that your products arrive at their destination undamaged.